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Comments (10)
    • warren

      I don’t think Dad is upset about Kelly not knowing his favorite candy! :) and Dad doesn’t hate sweets, he just had wished Kelly didn’t steal food! what a cute and silly interaction, huh? I love this super cute family!

  1. Lalo

    There is something i do not understand. Is there a comic already about them being adults or it´s just this one and the author just draw a bunch of cool pics of them 10 years later for no particular reason? HALP

    • warren

      I could be wrong, but I believe that this is the first/only/main webcomic surrounding these characters, but the artist has had these characters for a while and draws them lots. so I don’t think it’s for “no reason,” it’s because they’re the artist’s beloved characters! it’s fun to draw your characters! :)

      • ama

        the other sparkler monthly comic lee makes called “A call away from home” has kelly’s granddad and his brothers (they’re triplets) in it. But kelly’s great uncle (I think that’s the word for it) is the main focus of it. Its really good! And updates on Thursdays!

    • Nano

      The artist has been drawing them for ages and ages as 20 yr olds and eventually decided to make a story about their life. Starting as kids (which I was suprised about, in a good way).