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Comments (15)
  1. LazyReader

    You’re staring down the double barrel of an ideological shotgun. You know what, a good parent tells their kids the truth and a bad one shields them from it. He was cheating on his diet, he was sneaking junk food, so she decides to splay a caloric middle finger by offering up a fat ridden breakfast. If I had a kid that was overweight from eating snacks all the time at such a young age they would probably stay like that into adulthood. Despite what people claim, of thinning out when they get older bad habits are extremely hard to break. Two methods of parenting clashing together in an effort to save their son’s well-being except only one works….

    • yeetsauce

      Exactly. Kelly is fat, there’s no way around it, he is really overweight for his age and it isn’t healthy. And if they don’t put a stop to it now he’s gonna retain that bad habit into adulthood and wind up obese.

      Yes, a heavy-handed method may not work, but ignoring the problem is even dumber, I’d much rather they tell him how it is and cut his portions and feed him healthy food instead of just patting his head and telling him it’s OK to be fat.

    • Nano

      Agree sooo much. I hope Kurt doesn’t give in to Anna’s childishness and they sit down and do something about the problem. Like make Kelly do sport if he’s gonna eat that much.

    • Blüte

      So, in your opinion: mental health < conforming to stupid body standards

      Because I don't see Kelly being sick or restricted by his weight.

      • Morgan

        Dude, there not trying to choose one over the other. You can diet and want to look healthy and be mentally healthy *wow surprise surprise*. They just want what’s best for Kelly and the people in the comments are trying to get that across. If Kelly continues to eat unhealthy it will develop into a habit and he will have serious issues as an adult. This outcome will also make him extremely mentally unhealthy. Kelly is of course fictional but it’s important this is said because it’s a serious real life problem.

        • ItsKK

          But “Healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean “thin” and I don’t get why people conflate the two.
          You can eat a bunch of junk and be thin and eat healthy foods and still be chubby because DNA is the biggest factor in body weight. I think alot of people commenting here need to do some soul searching on why they think fat=unhealthy and kids need to be on diets…

          • mudkip

            Guys there’s a few reasons the sentiment that “Kurt is right and he should be harsh on kelly for stress eating” is mostly incorrect:
            kelly seems to live a pretty healthy lifestyle. he walked 20 minutes to school every day, he loves swimming, and he flosses his teeth every day (showing a dedication to healthiness).
            Kelly is undoubtedly stressed. He just moved to a new house and a new school, it’s his first time in public school, he is being bullied by kids at school, his beloved grandfather died, and to top it all off now his parents are arguing. which seems important because it sounds like Anna and Kurt have never lived just with Kelly as a family before? Kelly is definitely currently stress eating.
            (and ofc the author’s insta has a bunch of pictures of kelly as a college student / adult and while he’s definitely not thin, he’s definitely healthy.
            i agree with the poster before me as well i know some kids who eat just junk food all the time and are thin, and others who eat healthy and are chubby

      • Nano

        I never said he had to conform to body standards. And neither did the original comment.

        I personally would prefer him to just be healthy (we have seen him gorging on snacks which is the problem).

        Also I have actually seen and grown up with someone who never ate properly as a child and now they’re unhealthily overweight. And it’s NOT GENETIC. Soooo yeah.

        Good health also helps with good mental health. Be healthy guys.