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Comments (15)
  1. TrashApple

    Dudebro. That is such a fantastic knife. I love it. Caught my eye, it’s really pretty.

    And all of the facial expressions are good too! Anna’s getting bad ass. Such a sweet woman, but totally not taking shit.

  2. LazyReader

    You know what, a good parent tells their kids the truth and a bad one shields them from it. He was cheating on his diet, he was sneaking junk food, so she decides to splay a caloric middle finger by offering up a fat ridden breakfast. If I had a kid that was overweight from eating snacks all the time at such a young age they would probably stay like that into adulthood. Two methods of parenting clashing together in an effort to save their son’s well-being except only one works….

    • Doreibo

      I understand the viewpoint and it is true that there has to be a balance between diet & exercise, but the issue that is being touched upon here is not actually the diet of a child or their exercise, it is how parents talk to their children, and how you teach a lesson.

      Kurt shouted at Kelly near the end of chapter 3, whilst Anna asked him calmly if he had been cheating on his diet. Given the chance she would have him acknowledge what he did wrong, and then realise that is a bad thing to do, Kurt established that regardless of the deed, its severity, and if a lesson was learned, Kelly was going to be punished by restricting freedoms and putting locks on doors.

      One method is better at teaching than the other and establishes a better way to learn for the future.

      At this young age, and I can attest, a child’s way of learning and self esteem is more important in keeping them healthy than the short term solution of taking away snacks and exercise. Teach them how to care about their body and self esteem and they have a much better chance at actually taking care of their body on their own in the future.

      That and chubby kids tend to go through puberty and end up healthy adults provided they care about themselves.

      • Ash

        Actually, Anna asked and then Kelly didn’t answer and ignored the question. Neither of them are parenting right but Anna is more in the wrong by making it seem like she’s in the right. Kurt even admitted he was wrong for yelling at Kelly.

    • naima leila

      He is a child it is completely unhealthy to put him on diet, they should balance his meals and put him on sports instead, and the dad is just upset because he has a small chubby boy, HE the SUPER ATHLET PE TEACHER, HOW ATHAT COULD Be, he is frustrated because he think he deserve a better child and take it on him his mom, and yes she don’t handle that greatly!! she is clearly doing wrong!! some parents aren’t good at parenting!! why don’t ask for help i mean a real doctor’s help??

  3. Nano

    I hope Anna realises that Kelly is overweight and not from genetics (from what I can tell from drawings of their family on author’s instagram anyway). And that is the worst. If Kelly is gonna keep eating like that he needs to do exercise to stop being fat and go down to having a bit of chub. At least.