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Comments (13)
  1. Stances

    I can totally relate to kelly. Being forced and controlled to do a diet can be traumatizing. I had some issues like that with my parents too, I have normal weight now but I still have eating and psychological issues.

    I think it’s better to teach the kid the important health facts but let him eat how much he want and give him that bag of chips. Just cook a lot fresh and healthy things, do some excercise together and he still can eat his stuff. It’s all about balance. A diet with only restrictions is too forcefull.

    • Gross Moosopp Fan

      I completely agree with you. You can’t just focus on one factor of a diet, balance is important to getting what you want.

  2. Thrashed

    Kelly clearly needs a diet and making healthy choices is truly a skill, not something people innately know. I’m more on Kurt’s side of limiting his portion size. Let him have the bacon, the eggs, but maybe cut it down from 3 slices to 1, from two eggs worth of scrambled eggs to scrambled egg whites. Little changes, big rewards. I feel sad that they’re arguing about this instead of talking…

    • Dama Magno

      Me too!!! Eat how much you want isn’t healthy for anyone, children or adults. Want is different of need, and when tou have psychological issues, like anxiety for example, you eat for compulsion: you want a lot of food, but don’t need.

      They need to talk about that, not act as a child. It’s important for the couple’s growth.

    • naima leila

      clearly you want him to have a weight problem all his life, he is a small boy and still growing!! never ever put a child ona diet when he’s so young!! he needs physical activities not restriction in food, maybe a change of food, eggs and pig arn’t good for children toghether!!!

  3. Dama Magno

    I’m sad.

    I can understand the issues about healthy food, I think Kurt was a little over restrictive and that’s wrong when you try to teach a child (or anyone), but Anna are so childish and that’s not okay too, cuz affect the relationship between Kelly and Kurt, even her relationship with Kurt.
    One can say that Kelly have rights to be mad with his father, and I agree, but ignore him cuz he’s sad? He need to learn how to control his feelings and who teach this? The parents, and in my opinion the couple are little immature; they are amazing, but have to learn how to deal with some problems. But they have potential.

    • naima leila

      you’re dramatic , he is a child, and it’s normal to do that sometimes, obedient children are not always in a good state of mind that means they feel obliged to do so everytime, he isn’t belitteling or humiliating his dad, just a little bit mad and he hasn’t to control his feelings, HE STILL A CHILD!! the whom wan temper the situaton if the mom isn’t in her boy’s side!!

    • micans

      she’s not an idiot, because constantly hassling someone about their eating is a really bad way of going about teaching healthy eating habits. kurt has been uhhhhhhhhhh kind of a dick about it. nothing wrong with him being concerned but genuinely this is precisely how people wind up with even unhealthier relationships to food further down the line. they could both be handling the situation better but i don’t think anna is wrong to be angry.

  4. Nunya Business

    Honestly, I’m afraid they’re going to divorce. Please don’t let that happen. I’ve experienced two and am going through a third one. It sucks enough the first time. Kelly deserves everything, but not this.