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Comments (11)
  1. My Name Is Daniel


    I get it…

    Grey is the scapegoat. The one kid who’s part of the gang until something goes wrong, then he gets thrown under the bus.

    I just wanna cuddle this poor kid. I’m his mother now.

    • Loudle

      what’s making you think it’s like that? All the evidence so far has shown him being apathetic and hateful towards others for seemingly no reason, not hanging around with people who blame him. Maybe he’s just a badly behaved kid?

      • My Name Is Daniel

        I never said he wasn’t a brat, I’m just saying that he’s the one that gets in trouble when things go bad for the majority

      • Hernj5600

        Maybe that’s why he’s badly behaved? If everyone assumes you’re a garbage person no matter what happens eventually you’ll become what people assume since the public will never change their perspective. Kelly’s so far been the only one who doesn’t seem to judge him on face value. It doesn’t excuse what he did obviously but i don’t thing going in the opposite extreme is a bit much

    • Foelhe

      Sure, cause it’s not like he just chased someone through the hall while screaming threats or anything. I like Grey, but it’s pretty obvious he’s a brat.

  2. Prolly a dead man

    Considering the fact that he just went all mama bear for the most vulnerable, easily manipulable, perfect bulllying target; I’m going to have to say that that there statement is bullshit there mr poorly trained aggressive teacher dude.