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  1. ti

    i kinda anticipated this since he was shown to be friends with logan and sam (? i think that’s her name?) before kelly arrived, but lol grey is jerky kid. and before anyone tries to snipe me for saying it, remember how you all reacted to logan

    • Rimarue

      Yeah, Grey is rough around the edges and can be a bit of a jerk. We all love him though because he doesn’t treat Kelly the way Logan was. He still has a tendency to judge people a bit quickly, but he’s quick to jump to Kelly’s defence which makes him great in our eyes. He also decided to stop being friends with Logan when he saw how Logan treated Kelly and how it bothered Kelly so much.

      Logan is a jerk because he took one look at Kelly and either because he’s jealous of Kelly’s relationship with Grey, or just because of the way Kelly is, he decided that Kelly wasn’t worth his effort and clearly doesn’t care about his feelings. He sucks as a person right now just for how he’s treating Kelly. At least Grey has some redeeming qualities.

      Anyway, this isn’t me attacking you for anything you just said. I was just trying to explain why we prefer Grey over Logan given the fact that they both have a tendency to act similar. I don’t think you should say that this outcome was just because Grey was friends with Logan though. Friends don’t define who you are. Grey probably just has the predisposition to dislike people or mayne he has history with the kid. Idk.

      • ti

        i find it kinda weird that you justify grey jumping to beat up ty with him having the tendency to judge people quickly but then say logan is wrong for judging kelly quickly. ^^;;; not to sound rude, but it seems like a double standard

        and your friends do reflect who you are though, at least a little bit. if you’re friends with bullies and remain complicit in their actions that’s not a good look. grey only dumped logan bc he was mean to *kelly*. in the chap that he dumped logan, logan asked him something like “since when do you care about being nice”, implying he probably let logan bully kids before.

        idk if you thought i was trying to hate on grey or not, but i’ll just say rn that that wasn’t my intention at all!! most kids this age are egocentric and have low empathy lmao, i was just pointing it out bc everyone seems to be overlooking grey’s negative qualities and that doesn’t make for a fun discussion character wise

    • Person

      The only reason they defend Grey is because they ship Grey and Kelly. So instead of seeing this as rash mindless behavior they see it as “grumpy boi defends smol boyfriend (\^•^/).” So it’s okay to them.