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Comments (13)
  1. Lovley Hydrangea

    Oh man that happened to me all the time as a kid, come to think of it as an adult too, trying to do the right or nice thing and then you get in trouble for it.

  2. TriassicParker

    If you like Sam but don’t like Logan you’re a hypocrite. Neither of them seem to realise what they’re doing is wrong. Removed that these are kids, they’re like ten years old.
    If Logan was 20 then yeah he’s being a dick but he’s the same age as Grey and Kelly and Sam. He doesn’t understand a lot of things. He’s just a kid.

  3. Jamke

    No offence – but Kelly needs to man up slightly, others he’ll just cry at everything… don’t get me wrong – I love his hamster cheeks to bits but I made someone cry when I said “move out of the way”. Sorry – I’m reading wayyyy too into this.

  4. Pfirsichblüte

    I really can’t stand Logan, but Sam is not nearly as bad as him. They’re not being harsh to him, neither did they insult him. Sam is kinda really socially awkward and I think they wanted to smooth things out, maybe they would’ve nudged Logan in the right direction, so that he would at least apologize for his behaviour towards Kelly.

    Kelly is so intimidated right now because he isn’t used to be in a public school with so many different kids. He tries to be sociable, but conflict situations are too much for his first day, so there is no “maning up” he has to do (jeez, some comments here are really rude). But he has to learn that these situations are manageable as long as he wants to solve them and talk it out. And I think he will learn that <3 Our lil hamster is such a smart boy!

    (sorry for the long comment, but that almost burned through my soul x'D)