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Comments (14)
  1. gingerlu

    I get the felling that Logan is a jerk (and that is not excusable), but it’s partially because he doesn’t know any other way to be.
    Like, look at the 5th panel “tell me what I did”. He knows he’s mean, but that’s the only way he knows how to behave. It had worked so far, Grey was his friend and he is “popular” i guess (?), but now Kelly got here, Grey is different, and everyone likes Kelly, cause he’s a sweet, so no one stands he being mean.

    • Meuow

      You are an intellectual. I appreciate people who try to understand character. I think that Logan will develop a lot as a character as the story progresses.

      • Aoi Susukinki

        Finally people with some common sense! Logan is a kid just like kelly, hating on him this much is just stupid, i have high hopes for his character development too ^^

  2. Mat Neptune

    I LOVE TY! I thought he was vulnerable and kinda weak but now that I know that he isn’t the type to sit around and let himself and others get bullied, I love him more!

  3. Pfirsichblüte

    Shut up, braceface, nobody likes you >_>
    Seriously, he recognizes that he’s being mean and he STILL does it? And I don’t buy his “What did I do wrong” question because he clearly understands that he is and was rude towards Kelly >_>

    • Berry

      hes like 10 dude it’s not that deep, sometime people don’t understand they’re being mean, Logan appears to be a brash kid and he’s probably just used to acting that way and being around people who also act like him, i think he’s genuine

  4. ss

    ok sir. l i s t e n. you made a very delicate precious being sad. the smol cinnamon bun that everybody likes and wants to befriend. you don’t make those kind of people sad.