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Comments (22)
  1. Mattinqq


    I can’t wait to see what happens when either Kelly or Grey open up about their feelings for eachother and how their friends and family would react.

  2. Kitty-girl

    Grey! YOU MORON! I thought you were smart enough to realize that something isn’t right with Kelly! He’s you’re friend! Probably your only friend now. And now Kelly’s crying! Do something you idiot!

  3. Kitty-girl

    And its kinda your fault, Grey. If you hadn’t climbed that stupid tree, then Kelly wouldn’t have lied. Then, Kelly wouldn’t have sneaked that chip packet to school! Then, Kelly’s parents wouldn’t have argued at each other and making Kelly stressed out. Just what kind of friend are you?!😤

  4. Alberto

    Everyone stop freaking out!
    Sometimes someone just needs to cry. It’s a good way to let things out so Kelly can…
    So he can…
    (Looks at sad Kally face one more time)

  5. Blue Mongoose

    Markus looks like that awesome dude who’s just gonna scoop Kelly up and hug him until he stops crying and Gray is just gonna be jealous but can’t ahow it cause he’s embarrassed. Gaaahhh this is so good and cute!!!!!!!!!!

  6. chanmun

    Marcus’s a godsend. Already getting ready to hug and/or lift Kelly just at the sight of him extending his hands and going to Marcus. Precious kids <3

  7. Nicole

    Oh I’m so happy to see Marcus again! I love seeing his interactions with the kids. And wow this is good timing, Marcus has just a bit more life experience than Grey, so he’ll probably be just a bit better at the advice thing than Grey. Kelly crying though. My heart.