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Comments (10)
  1. Kitty-girl

    Man I would LOVE to have friends like Kelly and Grey. But I do have a friend similar like Kelly. She loves to eat like Kelly (especially muffins) but she doesn’t have the ‘Kelly cuteness eyes’ and she’s a bit more mature than Kelly. You know what I mean?

  2. Pfirsichblüte

    Poor baby :/ He’s stress eating, isn’t he? Because he can’t talk to anybody about “his” mistake and the quarrell his parents had, he bottles up and tries to calm himself with snacks.

    • Kitty-girl

      I’m sure Grey isn’t that dumb and will realize that something is up with Kelly. Then Kelly will start telling Grey what happened.

    • Help the bab

      Honestly it looks like stress eating, I don’t think that fighting would really help or make him ‘learn’. Learning to handle his stress and work through the problems is more important than making sure he doesn’t eat as much through yelling/restriction of food. It could get replaced by another habit or swing the other way if enforced too hard. When I get really bad with my anxiety I lose weight- it makes me feel nauseated or not hungry at all. I just think Kelly needs help talking through things. Babying him isn’t the best either and just giving into his bad eating habits isn’t what I am suggesting. Just saying they should try to help with his mindset and maybe explain why the weight gain is unhealthy.

  3. Kitty-girl

    LOL! It would be cute and funny if Grey and Kelly were teenagers.
    I can imagine them! I think I would fall in love with Grey.