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Comments (19)
    • gingerlu

      are you stupid? She’s focusing on how he feels, which is just as important or even more, since he’s clearly not ok.
      I get where Kurt is coming from, but shaming his son and yelling are so not the answer. He’s being a douche.

  1. Tomás

    Neither of them are handling this well. Kurt’s reaction was too volatile, making this a fear-guilt based moment, and his mother wasn’t being resolute with Kelly, by allowing him to distract her with the bear rather than keeping focus on the issue at hand. I also wonder if either of them have actually talked about health and the effects on his body that an unhealthy diet can cause? Or did they just put him on a diet without going into detail about the whys and hows, and expect/hope for obedience?

  2. Oleksandr

    I’m in actual pain rn. My parents used to argue like this at least once a week, yelling and everything(never anything physical though). Poor Kelly, just sew up his little otter friend and maybe buy healthy food instead of chips?? Like give him carrota and stuff instead, he seems like he’d like veggies??

  3. Kitty-girl

    I know I’m going to sound stupid. But who’s Solid Snake? I looked up on Google but I’m still confused! And what’s “Solid Snake music”?