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Comments (12)
  1. Alberto

    Two methods of parenting clashing together in an effort to save their son’s well-being.
    How will this end?
    Whatever happens, it’ll be heartbreaking. Possibly.
    I don’t really know because I didn’t write the story so that’s up to Lee.

  2. Boomy

    I know Kurt just wants to help Kelly, and really cares about his well-being, but any time I see Kelly sad I have the urge to F I G H T

  3. OWOWO

    i love kurt and all but as someone who takes care of babies a lot, he’s kinda making food out to be a luxury, instead of simplifying things, like make a bowl of chips per like idk 3 days. then you spread it out. idk,,, kurt seems to be forcing a diet which can be pretty bad cause cutting things out so suddenly can be draining for the body.

    • Kimmeh

      Late reply only just reading it. Anyway, I think it’s not that food is thought to be a luxury, it is the fact that Kelly is overweight. Kurt (especially as a football coach I think it was) most likely does not want his child to be unhealthy. Which I can understand honestly. If I had a kid that was overweight from eating snacks all the time at such a young age they would probably stay like that into adulthood. And that’s worrying as hell. He is being harsh but I prefer what he intends to do. Anna is too coddling.

      TLDR: Long reply sorry but I don’t think it is a money issue but his health is.