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Comments (12)
  1. Alberto

    Oh my god, I had anxiety all week from this! I wasn’t sure how Kurt was gonna get into Kelly about this. But now I’m so freaking relieved that it went well, because all kids do stuff like this. I’ve done it many times. And it was very satisfying, thank you Moose.

  2. Mat

    Kelly, such a sweet kid. I know one of the warnings on this comic is bullying, I just hope Kelly finds a hobby to do for an outlet from the bullying.

      • I'mmaMaloguy

        Bullying can be emotional too, just like mental/emotional abuse. All forms of Bullying can greatly affect a child’s well being, physically or mentally. Just because you don’t believe picking on someone/calling names is seriously bullying, doesn’t mean the one who is being picked on/teased feels the same way. It effects them just the same other forms of bullying.

        • I'mmaMaloguy

          I don’t think I quite know what you mean. And he has been bullied already in the previous chapter, when the blonde kid called him a weirdo for having darker skin and red hair. You can see in the page after that how much it effected him too.