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Comments (18)
  1. R.:.

    He is pawning his own son’s games without asking him? Seriously?

    Do that family have secret economic problems or he needs money to pay for drugs/women?

  2. JoJo LaRow

    Oh no… This just gives a really, really negative feeling… I read this and felt something akin to sickness? I think, more accurately, I’m a little disgusted and /really/ worried…

  3. CC

    heck man even if you’re having a hard time economically you still should AT THE VERY LEAST ASK YOUR CHILD IF IT’S OKAY YKNOW??

    • TheDankestOfSnakes

      No, I believe he is pawning them, I believe for gambling money, or just for the sake of some reason we don’t know.

  4. Avian

    to everyone in the comments wondering why he is pawning off his sons games, either he or his wife are being unfaithful and he is gathering money so he and grey can up sticks and leave.

  5. Moaauthor

    See, disregarding his kid. It’s not like he’s a neglectful or abusive parent, but he isn’t gonna get any rewards for effort. A fully emotionally realized child is autonomous enough at this age to realize when someone is being shitty to them. Hence the idea that Grey feeling resentful to his parents being quite understandable.