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Comments (15)
  1. Tiffany

    I wanna tell Grey what my mom told me when I was in that situation with my dad.

    The only time he should be worried is if it effects their parenting. Don’t stress yourself about the marriage or what’s happening in the marriage cause that’s not your problem to deal with. All he needs to deal with is kid stuff and as long as the parents are being at least somewhat decent parents then don’t stress about their personal problems.

  2. Red

    It’s funny how everyone calls Grey’s parents neglectful, as if it would be realistic if his parents had their really well-paid stressful jobs with long schedules and still had all the energy to spend time with Grey when they came home, all the while all the house chores just did themselves. Because it’s that easy to be a parent.
    Wow, they don’t give him a lot of attention, that’s gonna leave him traumatized.
    If you end up hating your parents for this reason when you’re at an age that you’re supposed to have matured somewhat, you’re a spoiled brat to begin with.

    • Moaauthor

      I mean, no? Not really. You do realize humans reach full emotional maturity at 12, and full mental maturity clopser to 26. A kid feeling kinda resentful to parents that ignore, disregard, and/or condem them for every little mistake they make is actually really, really understandable.

      • Red

        First off, FULL emotional maturity at 12? Where did you read that?
        Secondly, and I’ve already said this, if Grey’s parents don’t spend enough time with him or aren’t affectionate enough it’s because their jobs drain them physically and mentally. My mom and dad were the same (plus I didn’t have more than 2-3 friends and I didn’t have a console or a computer to keep me entertained) and I never held it against them. Grey may not like it but it doesn’t take a genius to understand this situation. Have one of your parent quit their job and see how well that goes.

        • Avian

          1, this is ignoring that the current panel implies that one of his parents is spending time with people “outside the marriage” as they say, so saying she has no time at all is patently wrong.

          2, there is a difference between something being “understandable” and something being “completely immune from criticism, shut up about it”, yes sometimes kids have to get used to not having their parents around, and there is nothing wrong with both parents work, but wanting to spend time with their parents does not make them spoiled, if anything it seems you’re rationalizing your experience as “just the way it is” as a coping mechanism.

          • Red

            I didn’t say it’s not understandable for Grey to want to spend more time with them, because obviously it’s a natural thing, and I do feel sorry that his situation couldn’t be otherwise. But I addressed this whole thing in particular because I’ve been reading so, so many comments on how his parents are just assholes or how this is abuse. I mean, abuse, really?

        • Moaauthor

          Okay, first off, I read that in my psyche class, so check yourself before you wreck yourself. Full emotional maturity means they can feel the full range of human emotions and complexity. Full mental maturity is being caoable of making responsible decisions inspite of those emotions.

    • Raeven

      That’d be great if his mom didn’t blow him off… on her day off. And you know, his father had been working for the past months. There is no excusing his father who has no job and on top of that goes to the casino every night(mom told Anna). Grey also explained that his mom lied about him not wanting to eat out with the them.

      You want to try defending them again?