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  1. JoJo LaRow

    This feels really familiar to, like, all of my middle school, actually. If I’m right, Grey is piecing together that Logan said something rude to Kelly, and it just reminds me of when one of my friends would be rude to the other, and there was this, like, “You’re being grounded from talking to me ’cause of what you said to my other friend that was totally not cool”. I mean, eventually, a few of my friends were just catty back and forth, so pretty much /everyone/ was in the wrong, and at that point, I just let them argue away from me, and I’d hang out with them separately. Either way, Grey just gave me that kind of petty and slightly amusing flashback…

  2. Acentric

    Grey – “What? You’re going to ask me to come play with you? When you insulted my future boyfriend? I’m sure you don’t mind that I say no…”