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Comments (12)
  1. Kate

    OH MY GOD YES. THANK YOU FOR THIS. YOU GIVE ME LIFE. ANGRY BLUSHES. THank you. you is kind you is smart you is important.

  2. JoJo LaRow

    This drew an audible ‘aww’ from me, as this comic has a tendency to do. Even when I first happened upon this comic on Tapastic, I knew this was a comic I could genuinely smile, laugh, and aw at, and I’m so happy that that has stayed true, even now. I mean, I remember seeing this comic and being in a bad mood, but once I read the first chapter and decided that this was a comic I HAD to follow along with, just had to, everything felt a little lighter. This page, too, helps everything feel a little lighter (and I happened to read this on my birthday, too! How cool!). Thanks for your awesome creativity and originality, Moosopp~ As always, I’m looking forward to the future of your comic and your lovely works that I see on tumblr, too. Take care, and I hope you have a nice day!