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Comments (17)
  1. A Grey's pov might be the next part though so either is good :)

    I hope Grey’s joker friend doesn’t come over.. I’m sure he’d be more rude seeing him playing on that especially if he heard Grey specifically got him apps. I sorta think the other two kids should come over to bond or a kid who decides to mess with Grey since he only said they were easy not which game the gamer being a goofy smug deciding they are all easy. The troll gamer would beat all his high scores. XD As fun as the latter options may be Grey might get annoyed at people touching his stuff..

  2. Elliot Hong

    I feel like Kelly is the kind of boy that will beat all of your high scores without knowing how to play… I wonder how Grey would react to that?

  3. Aeron

    I think its weird that people are getting SO ANGRY at Grey for one little stint at protectiveness. I was super manipulative as a kid but I grew and changed because im not a kid anymore. Grey may look older than the other kiddos, and act older, but that’s just because he was forced to grow up faster with his not so great home life. Let the kid learn, people.

  4. Ripme

    I’m pretty sure almost all “kids” got jealous when their best friends wanted to play with others instead. I definitely did. Can we really blame Grey? He’s being protective over Kelly and in his mind, this is how Grey keeps Kelly from leaving him.

    • SweetPieOhMy

      or something. Like, he doesn’t wanna be left out of the picture with Kelly, bc tbh his other friends kinda seems a bit superficial and Kelly liked him from the beginning? Maybe it’s just me. anyway

  5. SweetPieOhMy

    Grey is low-key treating him like a child? (I know they’re children)I mean, you know how parents give their children electronics to keep them occupied from something?? I feel like this is kinda what he’s doing. I still love him tho, he’s just gotta let my sunshine boy have some friends

  6. Mary

    Is it just me or did Grey start looking older and older as the comic went on… even though not a lot of time has elapsed.