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Comments (19)
  1. Scotteh

    I feel their pain. When you’re the ‘not so popular kids’ and you want to make friends with the new kid before the popular people get to them.
    But ah, it is too late, they’ve already snatched that poor soul up

  2. Let Kelly be the sweet little bab he is. Who is this Kel?

    huh that’s funny he called him Kel to intentionally take the y out of the name. He has never called him that nickname before and it isn’t even fitting.I think he just wants to say ‘I am more casual than him so I can call him this’ ‘there is no more y for your misfit group’. I hope they still become friends she is so cute I don’t want her to miss a new friend :)

    • Noxx

      I’d imagine not a /bully/ necessarily, probably just one of those kids that’s kind of in a different crowd and is maybe a little bit of an arrogant dickweed. Like… not really outright mean, just kind of thinks he’s above some people.

  3. GameOver

    Grey already looks so mature, shoulders all wide and stuff. And his neck all muscular somehow.

    I love your drawing style. Hnnnngh

  4. Alaalala

    Lol Grey trying to one up people im being Kellys friend by making up a nickname on the spot. I also love how Kelly doesnt even question it.

  5. Pines

    Is Grey….is Grey jealous?
    I mean I had a friend who only wanted me to be their friend in elementary school, but this is actually adorable. Also sad for the other two, but I feel like Kelly will be friends with everyone (or nearly everyone.)

  6. Aeron

    I think its weird that people are getting SO ANGRY at Grey for one little stint at protectiveness. I was super manipulative as a kid but I grew and changed because im not a kid anymore. Grey may look older than the other kiddos, and act older, but that’s just because he was forced to grow up faster with his not so great home life. Let the kid learn, people.