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  1. JoJo LaRow

    Aw, that gave my flashbacks to MY childhood~ I remember going down the street and asking the neighborhood kid, “Have you finished Wind Waker yet?” It had been about a year, so I was hoping to get my game back, but because I had already beaten the game, there wasn’t a lot of rush. That was, until I found out I’d be moving soon. Although, in pertinence to this comic, I really wish I had a cool teacher with one-on-one time and enough faith and respect in their students to let them be by themselves for a moment! However, the students in my middle school were really devious, so I guess, it’s good they were never left alone… Either way, I like this new way of teaching!

      • conan

        My days was chill too but i didnt live in a neighborhood where you can hang out with kids.I lived in an apartment but we didn’t hang out with any kids there.My elementary school was far from where I lived.I didn’t understand why my dad pick the school when there one close us but I enjoyed that school.I was even part of a chess club and got trouble for lots of stuff.Like setting off a fire alarm that I did even touch.I did lot things I regret back then that it hunt me thinking about it.here one, similar but different.My brother let his friend borrow ty the Tasmanian Tiger2 and we never got the game back after he left elementary.And we also stole Mario Kart double dash from this girl he knows.Now the game lost in the house somewhere never be found.I can’t even find Sonic 2 battle and Digimon world 3.

        • JoJo LaRow

          Oh, I definitely know those memories, too, conan. Like, I stole Super Princess Peach from my friend ’cause she got a new DS game every month, and I only got two each Christmas. She never noticed, but I told her about it when we were much older. Turns out, she was looking for it XD She didn’t care, though. Maybe, your Sonic 2 And Digimon 3 were a similar case where someone took them from you? As kids, it doesn’t seem so bad, but when you’re older, you realize that there’s no way you could do it now and not feel really bad!