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The Ring of Saturn: Chapter 03, Page 073

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Comments (10)
  1. KittyKat4557

    After reading Novae and then seeing this page, I just kinda had a little moment where I flailed my arms and sqealed a bit…

  2. Katt

    Please don’t. This just breaks my heart. This is so post Novae, and I just feel so heartbroken for Sulvain, for Raziol, for everything.

      • CuriousCat

        Please tell me that Sulvain and Raziol will remain with each other. Their hearts are bound to one another throughout all of time and nothing can keep them apart. Please tell me that they will always find their way to each other. I’m crying now 😭😭😭

        • KAIJU

          Ahhh please don’t worry! <3 This was meant as kind of a teaser for the main story. There's quite a lot to uncover in the main plot line and much more we simply can't reveal yet simply to avoid spoilers. But please be assured that what we have planned for these two is far greater than what we have revealed so far~ I promise things will start to make more sense by the end of Vol 2 :)

          • Gracie

            I found that super awesome! You both do such a splendid job with your stories and this connection was super cool. :) I really enjoyed this! Your artwork is my favorite, black-and-white and color. Fantastic work! I hope to support ya’ll on Patreon once I get a study work and income. :)

  3. Gracie

    Oh no I just figured out whose those characters were and I am heartbroken but happy at the same time? I just found Novae on WebToon and was reading it and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was going to try and support you both on Patreon once I get a study work income! That has to be Raziol Qamar and that shop-keeper has to Sulvain, it has to be? Also…what if that shop used to stand in place where Viv’s apothecary was? Sorry if those theories and conclusions are wild..

    It’s too much of a coincidence…were they seperated somehow, and how the heck did Raziol become immortal or whatever like Sulvain! I MUST KNOW! *flails around helplessly*

    Raz is somehow immortal…just as Sulvain is. But what’s happened to them? I feel like Raz was referring to Sulvain, as the friend who was lost a long time ago. This just makes me more hyped on the updates for Novae. You are both creating a wonderful masterpiece, I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon your artworks! :D

    I really enjoyed this. I cannot imagine the unbearable pain of losing a loved one to war. Do you mind, what war was this for? I’m unable to put my finger on it. I probably missed something…I hope she continues to play piano, she did promise Tina. But I would be devastated and paralyzed by that news.