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Sparkler Suggested Ratings (by series)

These are suggested audiences for series available on sparklermonthly.com or sold through Sparkler Distro. Ratings may change over time and are offered only as a general guideline for parents, teachers, and librarians.

Ages 13 and up Ages 16 and up Adult/Mature
Off*Beat (comic)
Windrose (comic)
Orange Junk (comic)
Cat Lover’s Circumstances (audio)
Dinner Ditz (comic)
Before You Go (comic)
Dire Hearts (comic)
The Ring of Saturn (comic)
Shut In Shut Out (comic)
Maiden and the Fish (prose)
Polterguys (comic)
Tales of the Big Bad Wolf (prose)
Sfeer Theory (comic)
Princess of Tennis (memoir)
Gatesmith (comic)
Tokyo Demons (prose, Audio)
Mahou Josei Chimaka (comic)
Dusk in Kalevia (prose)
Skyglass (prose)
Witch’s Quarry (comic)
Awake (audio)
Dead Endings (prose)
DNA-RW (prose)
Gauntlet (prose)
For Peace (comic)
Cherry Bomb line (mixed)
TJ and Amal (comic)
That Which Wills (comic+prose)

All books can be purchased in the Sparkler Shop. If you would like to order books for your school, library, or store, please see our Retailer/Library Catalog.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.