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Tokyo Ghosts Book 1: Chapter 1, Part 2 – Now in Sparkler Monthly Issue #070!

Hounded by nerves, Jo shows up to his vows renewal party unfashionably late and rip-roaring drunk. Fortunately, Ayase manages to help him get into some semblance of being put-together, but how will Mitsuko react when she sees him…?

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Comments (1)
  1. Olivia Williams Olivia Williams

    When Kiyoshi’s mad, you know you’ve messed up.

    I’ve been stressed about the state of the Jo/Mitsuko ship since the first story post-timeskip revealed they got married, but this chapter really seems to be sticking nails in the coffin.

    “If they broke up, she would probably move on immediately. And honestly…Jo was pretty sure he would move on quickly, too.” Ouch. Just ouch. This coming from Jo, whose biggest previous romantic hangup was admitting he’s a vanilla dude who needs two-kids-and-a-picket-fence levels of commitment. (And in the sole previous relationship we’ve seen him in, being way too desperate to please, to the point he got dragged into something unhealthy.)

    I’m glad we got some time with Ayase and Sachi—who is clearly the world’s best roommate. Though now I’m also worried about the implication that “her heart had changed since the first time she’d fallen in love with him.” Pretty sure it would take something drastic to make Sachi stop being friends with either her or Kado, though, so that’s one thing she doesn’t need to worry about.