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Tokyo Demons Book 2: Epilogue

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[Slight trigger warning for abuse.]

It was a penthouse. Kadoyuki couldn’t see from under the blindfold, nor draw out any more details from the snippets in Touya’s mind–he didn’t know if they were still in Tokyo, how many floors were below them, or even if other people lived in the building. The elevator only chimed on their floor. And then Touya’s grip dragged him inside, letting the doors whoosh shut behind them. Kadoyuki felt Sachi brush his shoulder and the resulting burst of sympathetic thoughts.

Kadoyuki tripped as he tried to keep weight off his soggy cast. As he balanced precariously in place, he felt a click at his wrists, felt the heavy handcuffs drop away. He resisted the urge to pull down his blindfold so Touya could do it for him.

Touya smiled, the cruel edge to his lips softening slightly. He ran his wet glove down Kadoyuki’s cheek.

“Welcome home.”

A cold, spiny repulsion surged from Kadoyuki’s stomach and rolled barbs up his throat. He steadied himself against a wall, trying to suppress a violent shudder.

Touya released a breath from his nose and thought about Kadoyuki’s cast. He silently asked Kadoyuki if he could walk while he unlocked Sachi’s handcuffs.

Kadoyuki nodded before Sachi’s blindfold came down. Then Sachi’s dark eyes were on him, panicked behind the crooked glasses, Sachi’s thoughts a jumble of reassurances and half-baked plans.

Kadoyuki reached out and gripped Sachi’s arm, mustering up the strongest sense of calm that he could manage in his crumbling body. Sachi opened his mouth, but Touya interrupted.

“The entire apartment is open to you two when I’m around,” he said. “When I’m not, I’ll need to lock you in your private space.” He gripped Kadoyuki’s elbow and guided him toward a room in the corner. “This way, Sachi-kun.”

It was a spacious bedroom with an attached bathroom, a lightweight desk, and a closet. There were no windows on any walls, and Kadoyuki saw multiple locks on the door–all from outside. Touya gestured to the single bed.

“I wasn’t expecting two of you, but there’s an extra futon in the closet.” Touya led Kadoyuki back into the hallway, stopping Sachi before he could follow. “Stay here,” Touya ordered. “I need to talk to Kado-kun alone.”

Kadoyuki saw clear, genuine fear in Sachi’s eyes. He reached out as Touya closed the door.

“Just please…please don’t hurt him,” Sachi blurted.

Then the heavy door slammed shut, followed by the telltale click of locks. A keypad on the outer doorway blinked from green to red.

Kadoyuki felt a spark of guilt break through the murk inside him. He gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to lay his hand on the door.

Touya hummed by his side. “How sweet,” he murmured, dragging Kadoyuki to another room with its own series of locks. The bedroom beyond–personalized slightly with a dresser, a television–housed medical equipment. Kadoyuki saw a powered-down heart monitor by the bed and an I.V. line in the corner.

The Pitch briefcase rested on the desk, a silent reminder of the future.

Touya seemed to notice the line of Kadoyuki’s gaze. He gripped Kadoyuki’s hair and forced his face up to his.

“Of course I was angry when I realized how much you were hiding from me,” Touya snapped, the threat looming behind the words. “But I’m willing to forgive you now. For everything.”

Kadoyuki said nothing. He let Touya’s fingers clench and loosen in his hair.

Touya finally, mercifully released him. He tugged off his one remaining glove and folded it neatly on top of a dresser. Kadoyuki caught the sickening whiff of blood as Touya shrugged out of his damp policeman’s jacket.

Then he stared at Kadoyuki, his mouth a thin line, as he slipped the buttons of his wet dress shirt open. He slowly shrugged the fabric off his torso.

The Pitch veins were bulbous, black worms slithering across Touya’s pale skin. They pulsed up and over his fingers, his hands, his arms, his shoulders. The burned veins branched like spider’s webs along his clavicle, spreading in a slow threat toward his chest.

“Look at me.”

Kadoyuki stared at the inky veins, but Touya roughly knocked his chin up. “Not at the countdown to my death,” he hissed. “Look at me, Kado-kun.”

Kadoyuki steeled himself, trembling slightly as he stared into Touya’s dark eyes. He saw the wild, unadulterated desperation lurking behind the violence. He heard the fragments of Touya’s thoughts dissolve into uncharacteristic silence.

Touya slowly lifted Kadoyuki’s hand and placed it on his left pectoral, still untouched by the track marks. He pushed Kadoyuki’s fingers apart until his hand was splayed across Touya’s damp skin, his fingertips touching the edges of the creeping Pitch veins.

“It’s almost reached my heart. I have to detox, and I have to do it now.”

Kadoyuki swallowed. “S-senpai,” he offered. “I’m…sorry.”

Touya let out a breath, a rasp tickling the end of it. “I know this was hard for you,” he muttered. “I forced you to make too many choices. You wanted to do the right thing…you wanted to protect yourself and your family and your classmates. I’m sure you were plotting against me, hoping you had the chance to finally purge me from your life.” He leaned into Kadoyuki’s face, his breath warm and poisonous. “You didn’t know what choices would save you.

“But that’s over now. You don’t have a choice. And that’s freeing, Kado-kun.” His eyelids drooped. “All you can do now is submit to me. I’ll be kind to you and I won’t touch Sachi-kun. Try to find peace with that.”

The darkness of the room closed in on Kadoyuki. He sucked in labored breaths, his heart thundering in his chest.

“I’ll…try,” he mouthed, the words barely trailing from his lips.

Touya drew Kadoyuki up against his body, crushing Kadoyuki’s shoulders into his own.

Touya wrapped his Pitch-burned arms around Kadoyuki and didn’t speak. He didn’t have to–Kadoyuki heard the trail of polarized thoughts, a cascade of gentle promises behind razor-sharp threats. Kadoyuki listened to the telltale paradox as Touya’s lips brushed his scalp.

“I won’t hurt you,” Touya murmured.

Kadoyuki felt the volcano of panicked, familiar terror erupt inside him, filling his insides with fire. It burned him from the inside out. He blinked his watering eyes at the blurring vision of the ceiling.

But he stopped fighting it. He let that fire snake into his veins, a trail of dread that laced through every corner of his body. He let it bind to him. He felt it fuse to his capillaries like a layer of thick misery, reinforcing the wasting, thinning membranes that had been holding him together.

It could become him. He could swallow the disgust and push it through his bloodstream, cram it into the building blocks of his failing body. The nightmare pounding at the gates flooded inside him, his barriers opened to that thick, powerful darkness.

“It’s okay,” Touya whispered, his fingers trailing through Kadoyuki’s hair. “It’s over.”

Touya’s touch was like acid leaking through Kadoyuki’s skin. Kadoyuki let it sink into him, his eyes closing against the world.

No. It wasn’t over.

Because Kadoyuki would end it. 

End of Book 2.

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  1. alyeska39

    Oh. Wow. So, I only just now made it this far from the last time I commented. I had to take a break because holy shit chapter 7. And then there was chapter 8. And idk. But I think I’m ready to keep going now. Lol.

    It’s pretty clear now that nothing is outside the realm of possibilities for Touya. The man is desperate and an addict. He’s a wild card.

    Ayase is always so intense when she goes into bug-spy mode, I kind of love that. Someone commented last chapter that she was annoying? That’s kind of silly. She was in no way overreacting to any of this. She’s exhausted, just had several extremely unpleasant revelations thrown at her, then lost the only lead she had, leaving her feeling helpless on top of that. I think crying and passing out is about right.

    And yeah, also, that thing with the photos is super sticky. If someone in that kind of situation doesn’t want to be helped, it is really hard to help them. And it would be really bad to overstep that person’s trust of you. Kado especially.

    Cab dude was super awesome though. And OT3 ftw.