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Skyglass: Prologue – Cinderseed (Cherry Bomb)

Skyglass: Cinderseed (Cherry Bomb prologue)tinyheartNow free for VIP Members!

The Skyglass prologue, Cinderseed, contains adult content and is sold as a downloadable short in our Cherry Bomb line. It’s not necessary for an understanding of the novel, but provides further insight.

“I’m not human,” she said. After a moment’s silence, she added, “I’m from the sun,” and crawled across the pod to crouch on the seat beside him–because he was warmer than the window, and so she could stare at him better. She’d never seen a human this close, this still, before.

They’re weird, she mused briefly, before dismissing the thought. It didn’t matter that humans were weird. She didn’t care about them, unless they were trying to kill her, or keep her, or steal her away from everything she loved.

Kri leaned his head against the wall and stared up at the faint, watery light filtering down on them from the ceiling. “I’m not human, either,” he said.

She spread her fingers across the skin of his face, feeling the heat and flesh and bone beneath. “You feel human. You look human, and you stink of it.”

“So do you. But you survived the vacuum, and a bullet through the head–and I can give a guy a hundred holes to fuck me in. We’re neither of us human.” His voice was muffled by her palm. “I’m a Pleasure Intelligence, a PI. That’s what my boss told me, at least, when I woke up for the first time eleven years ago. But really, I’m just Kri.”

Continue to Chapter 1, which is free to read.

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