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Gauntlet: Short – Jacks are Wild (Cherry Bomb)


(Tacto‘s full Jacks pin-up from the Sexy Guys of Sparkler included with the download of this story.)

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Confused, Clio took a step back, and hardly recognized her voice when she asked, “W-what is that place? I don’t like it. Jack, I want to leave now.”

He looked at her sharply and nodded. “All right, Clio. Let’s–”

A light above the room’s door flashed. Black Jack grabbed her arm and yanked her to a trapdoor she hadn’t noticed before. She heard a beep and the sound of a door clicking open just as the trapdoor lowered, closing them in darkness.

“Damn,” Jack said softly.

“What is it?” Clio whispered frantically, her heart thundering.

“I left my mask.”

“I have my mine.” Clio lifted the mask she was clutching.

“You’ll have to give it to me since I know the way out,” Jack said, having to tug rather sharply to get her to release it. “Just hold my hand and I’ll lead you, okay?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Clio,” Jack coaxed. “Just trust me.” His breath tickled against her ear, making her shiver a little.

This side story is recommended for ages 17+ and is not necessary for an understanding of the novel, but provides further insight.


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