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Comments (11)
  1. DD

    Oh-kay the Boy is wearing a boy toy shirt with daisys for Os and reading a styled men Magazine Not gonna lie its kinda obvious

  2. Indecisive Rebuttalist

    Is anyone going to point out the guy on the magazine cover looking like that barista Booker’s been crushing on?

  3. Genesis

    Hmmm so the hottie on the magazine’s name is Dylan Aquarius…. as stated on the magazine. Please let that be Booker’s new neighbor. It would explain the glasses.

  4. Sarah H.

    It’s not the barista neighbor. He has blue eyes while the man on the cover of the magazine has green. There is the possibility they could be twins however since they look so alike (which if it’s true then we canonly know the barista boy’s last name)

  5. Levi

    Remember when I said that the barista and the neighbor looked a bit too different to be the same person? Yeah guys, the boy on the cover could pretty much be the neighbor they do look alike more than the barista, we’ll just have to wait and see