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Comments (26)
  1. Lisacris

    Meu Deus totaltalmente acho que booker realmente tinha esquecido disso ai lembra aos poucos ,então isso significa que booker e noivo de hal ….MEU DEUSSSSS

    • Kisarafox

      It didn’t move. The author takes a break before doing another chapter. No worries, MH will be back! She does it all the time :)

      • trax

        ah really!? because sparkler monthly is shutting down I heard so I thought MH has already stopped updating here. but if it’s just a break that’s great then! thanks :)

  2. mango_person

    i went all the way back to the time booker and magical flying ball(i forgot his name) talked on the balcony and magical ball said ‘_he_ used to hate me’ he referring to the past booker therefor he ain’t flat he’s just a guy