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Comments (13)
  1. Izu-chan

    Can we all just take a moment to admire Kiko’s beauty in this page. Someone else said it before but I’ll reiterate: She is a queen :3

    • Leah Waig Leah Waig

      We had some tech issues on the site that resulted in today’s pages not showing up, but they should be live and readable now–sorry about that! Magical How? is still taking a break between chapters, but Sunshine Boy and Orange Junk have both updated.

    • Leah Waig Leah Waig

      Hi, thanks for the question! Magical How?’s free-to-read pages are currently all caught up to the content in the magazine. However, eyugho is working on new content and it will be out soon with the upcoming new issue.

  2. reeee

    oh noes the end has come, the end is here, the end it shall be, but we shall meet again, when more pages come, i will see you then.

    what am i doing? nani? ok byee

  3. Clay

    Everyone is miserable for different reasons, except Booker’s dad, who is happy for the same reasons everyone is miserable.

    And now I can see why Tyler would believe Booker knew. As Booker broke up with him the day his mom was murdered. It does give a “I don’t need to pretend I love you anymore” vibe.
    .. you know, if seen through a filter of grief and anger at the world.