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Comments (12)
  1. Kisarafox

    I’m sorry, I know this might be a serious page but that last panel has me laughing 😂
    It’s like he has a “meh” attitude about it “I know you’re dying dumbass you don’t have to tell me”. Kind of like how I am when it comes to pointing out the obvious. I feel bad for him though D; he has to spend the rest of his life with that viper wife of his.

  2. Levi

    Okay but what if Booker’s dad is a fairy and Booker is a FairyXHuman child?
    Someone probably threw that out there already but with this page it certainly has some more ground to stand on.

    “You do owe me quite a bit” could be business related or they made some kind of weird magic deal in the past

    “I’m dying” “I can see that”
    More openings to magic bs to happen, I’m just saying it could go somewhere like “yeah I’m dying so I need you to help me with your magic stuff”

      • Levi

        Oh is he? I don’t remember much from the page about him and Book’s mom, I was under the impression that he had some sort of business but you’re probably right tbh (I’m still into him being a Fairy though c’mon that’d be cool)

        • eyugho

          Booker’s father was never a doctor. I don’t know where that information came from.

          His father was the CEO of Phillip Investment Banks.

  3. PixieBubbles

    just a few points that stand out to me (since I binged up till now and it’s fresh in my mind) please correct me if I’m mistaken

    – Booker’s and Tyler’s dads appear to have some secret plan
    – Booker “uses” Tyler for his dad
    – Booker’s dad kills Tyler’s mum
    – Booker’s dad goes to jail and commits suicide
    -Julien comes on to the scene looking like a younger booker’s dad, who has magical knowledge
    – Tyler is very defensive of his mother despite previously seeming distant from her
    – Booker can use advanced magic

    now adding my own assumptions:
    booker’s dad is trying to fix tyler’s dad’s health. He resorts to studying magic. The use of magic begins to corrupt him as he is not collecting the shard thingys. He then ropes his son into helping him, using booker’s anger toward Tyler against him and brainwashing him (like Gabe was). He Forces his son to become a magical and do his bidding.

    Because of the balance for magic, a sacrifice would be needed and they set sights on Tyler. Things go wrong and Tyler’s mum is instead sacrificed, with Tyler knowing about it.
    Booker’s dad get’s sent to jail for manslaughter, but first alters Tyler’s memories to remove his image, as well any memories of booker being a magical so that booker can’t be turned against him. (like how Gabe broke free).

    Booker’s dad keeps practicing magic becoming more corrupted, (motivation I’m not too sure of, because he doesn’t appear to be very interested in resurection ). He fakes his own death so that he can work unhindered. He makes himself younger and pursues a relationship with Tyler to manipulate him.

  4. Raphie

    Woah. Is Bookie’s dad gonna keep Tyler’s dad from dying? Also Tyler’s mother can be suspicious all she wants. She seems so rotten. I bet she’s not that bad when she doesn’t feel threatened but seriously I wouldn’t care if she was suspicious.