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Comments (12)
    • DD

      But tho seriously um…You can’t just say Not to imply….when your Clearly implying and then Insult both a Mother and Her child with a Smile like That
      That’s Beyond Rude my dude

  1. Layla

    Ok…I know this is not relevant, but if Booker and Gabe don’t end up together, I’ll cry. I want to see my smols happy together.

  2. Mary

    Why is Tyler under the impression his parents love Booker’s mother? Like seriously, they clearly are incredibly fake people who hide their opinions behind a façade to pretend they are kind and open and warm.

    This is the impression I get from the situation. Is Tyler consciously blind? Was he sarcastic when he said his parents loved his mother? And how did we go from this to murder?

    Seriously, the mother seems more likely to kill Tyler’s mom than his dad.

    • shinya

      if theres one thing his dad knows, its that his wife can lay down the law no questions asked. he’s the carrot, she’ll beat a woman with a stick if they talk about her family