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    • DD

      But I’m glad Booker is Worried about Gabe and I’m Glad Gave would be ok and I’m going to laugh when Jerome flips his lid when they tell him they were single handedly kicked in the booty by a fledgling Magical

  1. eyugho

    Hello everyone!

    I have a bit of unfortunate news. Updates for Magical How? will revert back to 1 day a week. Why? Because Chapter 7 has 6 pages left until it ends and I do not have Chapter 8 drafted out yet.

    I wanted to avoid going on a hiatus, but my slow output of pages has been because of my busy schedule. I’m currently on an internship that’s 10am – 7pm, so that gets heavily in the way of productivity for pages.

    I will do my best however, to produce the pages on time and make sure that you guys will still be able to enjoy the comic!

    Please look out for my comment in the future for updates like this.

    Thank you for understanding.

    • J

      How dare.

      You will be explogued with acme tnt crates until you are covered in soot and wave a white flag of surrender.

    • Sekaris

      Compared to speeding into a hiatus, having one update a week sounds like a good compromise to help balance out a regular comic update schedule with your work schedule. Keep up the hard work on your internship! I’m sure great things are ahead for you there, too!

      I’ve been keeping up with this comic for almost two years now, and I’ll be sticking around for as long as it’ll go ( ‘♥’). I love your style, I love these magical boys (and how good they look in dresses, thank god), and I’m always excited to find out more about this entire underlying plot of what Gabe and Booker have gotten themselves into.

      Keeping a webcomic going definitely takes time and dedication, and I’m thankful for all your efforts and consideration as you continue. I (and everyone else) will be here to read them no matter what! (ง •̀_•́)ง