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Comments (11)
    • mina

      oh hey DD, since it’s Julian and Leo that are following them, what if Julian finds a way to like uhhhhh team up? with Gabe and Hal to save Booker?

      • Aiskuriimuneko

        I could see Julian be swayed if Hal can somehow convince them to turn on Tyler. Julian doesn’t seem to like him very much at this point.

        • DD

          I agree with both of you (Mina and Aiskuri-chan)
          Julian seems the most likely to Turn against Tyler But….Hal being a fairy he’s gotta have an idea of how to get away now that Gabe is awake, The Real question is Can anyone who turns on Tyler be Trusted? And Will Hal have enough Magic to go get Booker Afterwards?

          • mina

            well, trust is a complicated thing in this comic. and while Hal might not have enough magic to get Booker, but he might have juuust enough to call for that cemetery fairy, just saying

    • Percy

      Why tho? He was being magically manipulated. Literally not his fault. :\
      I mean. I guess if he is to apologize about what he did back in high school sure, but this isn’t his fault. :(((