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Comments (13)
    • Kisarafox

      And also, SCREW ALL 4 of those magicals! I don’t care if they were following Tyler, they know it’s wrong to kidnap and basically try and split Gabe from Booker. They can kiss his fabulous high heels when he finally gets his powers.

    • Mycomni

      Gabe was never their “friend”, they were just using him to get to Booker. So no, I don’t think they really cared. I get the vibe something’s off with the other two, and it’s only intensified since brainwashing to the point of totally altering personalities was put onto the table…

  1. Anidict13

    Wow, if this doesn’t make it official his “friends” are crap then I don’t know what will. I hope they don’t erase Gabe’s memories tho.

  2. Percy

    Omfg. And everyone fucking got on Gabe’s case when he was practically being held there against his will. “This time”??? How many times has this happened?! And all of you doubted Gabe >:(