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Comments (16)
  1. Genesis

    Please tell me Gabe is reflecting on his actions, I have a feeling this could go 2 ways… and we are soon going to reach a climax to this arc.

    P.S. Booker and Hal are looking adorable. They are definitely close friends since it seems Booker is the type to keep people an arms length away

  2. Percy

    Gaabbbbeeee. I’ve missed your pages. (I know Gabe appeared not too long ago, but those were more Booker-centric page than Gabe ones. I miss the Gabe ones. Especially since I’m itching to see some character development for him)

  3. Aiskuriimuneko

    bruh this is so cute. and im glad we’re finally seeing gabe again. despite how mean he’s been lately, i do hope he’s reflecting on his actions and decides to change.

  4. lolita

    look at how cute ass second panel iis *•* its so adrable that I can’t even>\\\\<
    btw i loved Gabe at first but all the things he did I don't think i can forgive him after his development anywas because, man, you should have felt guilty a long time ago now is too late (for me, if I were Booker I wouldn't even talk to him)

  5. Olivia Williams Olivia Williams

    *SPOILER WARNING* So…I was kind of surprised Gabe did such a 180 in so short a time, but judging by the line “Gabe’s being difficult *again*”, he’s actually had regrets over how he’s treated Booker before? Anyways, seems things are moving in the right direction!

    And we finally get to find out who Tyler was making out with back at the concert. I hope the character page gets updated sometime soon so I can keep track of all these names.

    • coco

      shit miss lot words there
      i only hate (gabe for now) because of the fact that bullied booker before and forgot
      now he being an ass again

      • Riaya

        Completely agree. He’s going to have to work to earn back my affection in this story. I hope he does but as of now he’s a douche