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Comments (14)
  1. Genesis

    Ok honestly, how many people like Gabe?
    I liked him at first, but for the past year, Gabe has been growing into such a dislikable character, I mean I thought Gabe was the main character at first but it seems like Booker is… and compared to Booker, his character growth is making him out to be someone dislikable. My thing is, I want to like him, but he is making it so hard.

    • Percy

      I like Gabe still. He’s a realistic character. People are assholes and usually are without knowing it. It’ll make it so much sweeter once Gabe grows and matures as a person. Plus… Gabe has been my son for over 2 years now so I can never give up on my smol bby. Ya’ll can cuddle Booker but ma Gabe needs lovin’ too since every seems to have turned on him in the comment sections. I get it guys. He’s a dick. But I personally prefer fallible character anyways. Give him time ya’ll, he wouldn’t be a main character if there wasn’t a growing arch in stored for him.

    • Olivia Williams Olivia Williams

      I don’t know if I particularly like him, but I know how to be patient when waiting for character development. Looking forward to the day when he and Booker can actually be friends.

  2. Matte

    I completely agree. Gabe and his friends bullying Booker and then Gabe not even remembering it, but maybe there is another side to the story? I am not standing up for Gabe but we’ve only heard one side. Other than that, Gabe, so far, is being annoying and as Genesis said, dislikable >_<

  3. CC

    Hug the boi Hal!

    I agree with you guys, I still don’t hate Gabe, more like his stupid ass choices, but hopefully he’ll learn his lesson >:I

  4. Cal

    It’s strange. My method of reading is just letting the story flow over me, so I read the story, making little reserved notes in my mind and reacting to things accordingly, and then I read the comments and I think ‘Wow. I am a scrub.’