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Comments (14)
  1. DD

    Oh my gurd
    Booker called him on everything Gabe was doing for the past Chapter and a half
    But when someone calls you out on the stuff you know you did wrong
    Shock ‘excuse me’ when you know they didnt stutter is a classic sign

  2. DD

    The fact that Booker is Defending Hal is so sweet!!!
    Can we fansqueal for that For few moments
    Also raise your hand if you kinda saw Booker coming to Hal’s defense
    *raises hand*
    Now considering how fast they are building there relationship and the POSSIBILITY that Gabe will continue to snow ball downhill into danger
    I want Hal to be the reason Booker takes up Magic.
    Why because whether friendship or more its always beautiful to see any hero fight because they have someone worth fighting for
    Mulan fought for her Father
    Inuyasha fights for Kagome and vice versa
    Naruto fights for his friends and vice versa
    Astro Boy fought for all
    And boy don’t make me run through all Anime from 60’s to now
    But I feel having something or someone to believe in can do Powerful things like putting your life on the line like all magicals do
    Hal and Booker dont have to be romantic although that be awesome but I want Hal to be that Drive to not only open Booker up as a person but also the one that shows the Magic he has inside metaphorically and literally and He becomes a magical what do you think

  3. Percy

    I’m honestly not even upset about Gabe’s attitude anymore. I’m just upset at all the Gabe-hate. Just let him develop as a character guys. Ya’ll so quick to turn on him when he really hasn’t even done anything THAT bad. Is he being an asshole? Yes. Enough to warrant all this hate? Debatable.

    • DD

      Dude I see what you mean.
      Honestly I don’t hate Gabe My comments are making theories or pointing out the obvious. Gabe is just easily manipulated and misguided my anger comes in is that he has had so many options from the day he became a magical up to now to think before leaping at all
      Especially after the whole Ladybug thing
      During the time skip he couldve tried to talk to Hal at least instead of yelling and Arguing
      Its just the that all he had to do was ask Hal to teach him at faster pace
      Hal would ask why
      Gabe would tell him how the gleam team saved him
      Hal wouldve figured out something
      Hes a nice fairy
      All I’m saying is long story short the easiest and simplest conversation that Gabe couldve had wouldve had him slinging high quality spells instead of learning backended ones from apprentices.Thats what makes me angry Gabe had hundreds of opportunities and all it takes is one moment to calm down and talk to Hal and maybe even Booker and we wouldn’t seeing him arguing again at the wrong people
      One SIMPLE moment thats all it takes
      Does he deserve this amount of hate? No not when realistically its gonna bite him back later
      Could he have made better decisions? Yes yes he could have and that is why I’m upset with him