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Comments (12)
  1. mum

    me wonders if Hal looks so surprised because Booker did something you would not expect from him.. or because he felt something. oh boy, this comic really makes me THINK

  2. DD

    AWWW that was sweet i think 2 things happened here
    1:Booker’s concern for Hal in such a relatively caring gesture which
    2:Hal felt and was reminded of Quillish in a split second as Booker walked away caused him to do a double take
    Given that Hal not only feels but sees a strong similarity between Booker and Quillish even though he knows they are two different people as well as the way Booker could’ve have said it and the tone he used was possibly similar to his lost friend is it possible the Booker may be the reincarnation of Quillish from the ancestor cameo in Chapter 2?
    Think about it Booker walks away calm, relaxed, thinking about all Hal has said
    The way Booker’s hand came down was sudden but not roughly to break Hal out of Deep thought, also the way Booker’s hand is drawn is usually done when a character is caring, has a delicate personality or Both
    Considering These past pages he took time to listen to Hal, and Understand him Hal too felt comfortable with Booker who he literally met Several Hours Ago(probably 4 or 5 in the morning now)About a close friend who was as Hal was reminiscing seems like a Best Friend(or more *I wish*) The shock on Hal’s face is of him breaking out of deep thought but
    1:the fact that the entire conversation even happened in the direction it did instead of Hal saying something else instead of his experiences
    2:The fact Booker came clean about his emotions
    3: The fact Hal pointed out his Honesty
    4:The fact they stuck together the entire time Gabe was Gone instead of Hal going with Gabe like most fairies do
    5: The fact that Hal showed his human form to Booker first even though he could’ve easily track Gabe down by magically tracking the bracelet
    6: The banter Booker and him have back and forth easier than any character combination so far in such a short time(since chapter 1)
    7: The cameo of magical ancestors and they look kinda like Jordan, Booker, and Gabe in chapter 2
    8: the fact that Quillish matches said discription of cameo
    9: How Hal mentions they act alike and Look similar
    10:Hal is also the one who holds Booker Back while Tyler ran his mouth and Gabe stood
    I am convinced something is Drawing them together not neccisarily in a romantic sense(that would be awesome tho) But in a Mental/emotional level
    No Booker and Quillish are not the same
    but hey neither were Kikyo and Kagome and if you have seen the Final Act o Inuyasha you know how that went ;)
    Anyway it would make sense considering not only their looks, the fact a major character points out personality similarities, but their subconscious attachment and openness with each other
    and if you think about it its the Subconscious openness is what may have shocked Hal…
    When Booker becomes a Magical and we get a Quillish and Hal backstory it the characters personalities may overlap into an almost Kikyo/Kagome way just not with the jealousy and hostility(to some extent)
    Think about it Booker being the reincarnation of Quillish……. what do you guys think?