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Magical How: Bonus Page 2

Magical How? Chapter 9 Part 2 is on the way! Meanwhile, enjoy this special bonus artwork from eyugho!

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Comments (19)
  1. Percy

    I miss when Gabe was also a main character :\

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Booker too. But I feel like Gabe has been pushed to the side and the fandom gave him so much shit back when he was being manipulated (BY MAGIC AS WE FOUND OUT) and now it’s been just Booker-centric for so many chapters. I’m feeling kinda frustrated because I came into this comic 3 years ago largely because I liked Gabe’s character and now… :\

  2. Belatriz

    I love magical how,buuuut i want more of gabe ,booker is cool and all but gabe development can be so big with all this happening and his type of person.he looks to take things too well, but is really just that he have to show ?

  3. Clay

    Sooooo…either two different dudes (potentially twins) hitting on Booker, either we have a hot-barrista with split-personnality.

    In either case, this is gonna be FUN.