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  • Off*Beat mini comic about Paul
  • Dusk in Kalevia short comic: The Range
  • Dinner Ditz short comic: Halloween Hoo-Ha
  • Dead Endings short comic “Pancakes and Sex”
  • Gatesmith short comic “Hungry” (prequel)
  • Witch’s Quarry Chapter 1 (PDF)
  • Lettera Chapter 1 (PDF)
  • Witch’s Quarry side comic “Rogue x Knight” (prequel)

Pin-up sets, calendars, and art

  • Sexy Guys of Sparkler Pin-ups
  • Sexy Ladies of Sparkler Pin-ups
  • Sexy Sparkler Couples Calendar (2015) desktops
  • Printable holiday card and bookmarks of five Sparkler series
  • Six Sparkler desktop calendars for 2014


  • Dead Endings short story: Valentine’s Day
  • Skyglass short story “The Surprising Intellect of Combat Chickens”

Sparkler School

  • Sparkler School #1: Storytelling 101
  • Sparkler School #2: Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Audio Drama
  • Sparkler School #3: Writing Dialogue (The Basics)


  • Awake Podcast #1: Actor Round Table (Janelle + Rosa)


  • Pitching to Sparkler: More tips for aspiring creators
  • Spotlight: Christy Lijewsky (Dire Hearts, RE:Play)