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Comments (83)
  1. Hope

    Woah, we’re getting on a *real* first name basis here! So is Na’ilah gonna kill her/him now or does this mean she trusts them?

      • Han

        Actually, we have not yet gotten confirmation on what Oz identifies as, not even in the original version of this comic.

        Physically, Oz has a female body. What they identify as is up to them though.

        • Muffy

          I believe you are mistaking Wil as Os. Os is male.

          Wil is a woman who has had to take on a male identity in order to survive. Gender is likely something she’s willing to use as a means of survival when needed.

          • Arc

            Do we know that Os is trans male? I believe the only comment on Os is that they’re “like [Wil]” and have tits in Wil’s words.

            Whether or not they’re trans, or took up a male identity for safety/to enroll in the army is still up in the air unless I’m missing something.

            (I can’t reply to your later comment for some reason, but ‘since it apparently needs to be said’ comes off badly when this is a perfectly legitimate line of questioning in this comic. They have not stated their preferred pronouns, and unless the author has said so in this run of the comic (honestly as well, word of god or not, it should really be included in comic), it should be treated as an unknown.)

          • Lillian Diaz-Przybyl Lillian Diaz-Przybyl

            It hasn’t been addressed fully in the comic yet, but it will be soon (to the extent that the characters themselves have the language for it in this world…). But yes, Oz is a trans man.

  2. thatrandomfan

    How much will she reveal? Can Os be trusted? WESRDTYGYHJ Im so excited, this comic has quickly become one of the highlights of my week <3

  3. Tzñ

    Im kinda new here, and I wanted to know about the prequel about this story. Was it about Oz pov? Does anyone know about the name? Cant find it anywhere! PS I love this webcomic its story is rad

    • Lillian Diaz-Przybyl Lillian Diaz-Przybyl

      Hello, editor here! It was still called “Knights Errant,” but it has been taken down from the web by author request. It was still primarily Wil’s POV, but the balance of the story was quite different (so Kadeen sort of had more page time, and Anton & Beppe less). And more of Oz’s backstory had been elaborated on, right before it was rebooted. That will be coming up soon in this version. :-)

  4. erinselysion

    I looked through the comments and saw the news about the author’s injury :( best of wishes! By all means, put yourself first and rest up.

  5. Mireille

    Oz is a trans man and uses he/him pronouns; the author has previously stated that Wil uses they/them pronouns; and the author, Jennifer Doyle, uses they/them pronouns.

    • i am who i am

      Oh, I just saw the editors reply to the same question i asked. Get well soon Jenn, I hope it’s not something serious.

  6. Fyora

    I just read through this entire thing because I was reading on social media about someone summarizing the pitch for this as “gay” when they specifically meant to not say “gay.” And I just want them to know I’m here because of that.

    • Leah Waig Leah Waig

      Jenn is still dealing with some health issues, so no new pages yet, unfortunately. If you sign up through the “Let me know when this comic updates” box on the sidebar or the main comic page, you’ll get an email when Knights-Errant starts updating again.

  7. Lexi

    I know it’s none of my business, but does anyone know what kind of health issues Jen is dealing with? Whatever it is, I hope she gets healthy and happy soon. No rush Jen :)

  8. SmallSailor

    Just an update to those who are wondering because its been awhile-
    It seems Jen is still suffering from some health problems (with possible new ones as she mentioned that she injured her back a month ago as well) and doesn’t have a working computer/tablet – so this is likely why we haven’t seen any updates.
    I can totally understand why people are feeling frustrated with the lack of updates and explanation, but please continue to support her and her work! People don’t heal over night, and demanding updates is not going to make them come faster. Please try to consider her side of the story as well ; v ;

    • Cornflakes

      Get well soon Jenn! This comic is not worth your health. Recover and We’ll be here when you come back. I love this comic but your health is most important.

    • Ni

      Jenn uses ‘they’ pronouns btw :) but i fully agree, health and life comes first and this comic is worth waiting for, however long it takes!

      • SmallSailor

        asfgdhjks im so blind ahhh
        Thank you, I didn’t realise they used those pronouns ;;; I shall remember that for the future~

    • Vyxter

      So glad I decided to read through this whole thread! Knowing a bit of what is going on with the comic and the creator is very much appreciated, and knowing how to subscribe to see updates is great!

      Like everyone else, I wish Jenn a swift recuperation and a happy return to working. I look forward to being able to read more about these characters, too.

  9. Muffy

    I am anxious to see the story continue, but I can understand needing time for a hand injury and possibly deal with other stuff. I’m getting over a hand strain and depression induced artist block, which all hit me as I was applying for jobs… Not exactly something that disappears over night. Get better soon Jenn

  10. Clare

    Absolutely super you funky little artist! I kept thinking of memes while binge reading this but despite my brain’s attempts to never take things seriously, I am still. so shook oh my god. also every time someone says beppe I think bepis with the B emoji. But fr fr, I love this comic so much and the art is BEAUTIFUL and I hope you get well soon!

  11. alexander

    id really like to know if jenn intends on continuing this comic or not. obviously if theyve decided to move on to other projects im completely supportive and they should do what feels right to them, but as a fan of knights errant i would appreciate knowing if its worth still checking for updates ;; its been 6 months and im getting antsy for some closure

  12. wowzers

    The author is currently working on other projects but has not forgotten this comic. Their twitter is @theyoungdoyler

  13. SmallSailor

    So! Not really sure whats happening with this comic anymore! Jenn hasn’t spoken/posted about continuing this comic for awhile
    It seems they’re working on other projects/comics, which is is cool. I just wished they’d made that clear from the start

    I’m guessing this won’t be updated until their other projects are wrapped up. So don’t expect anything anytime soon guys; maybe check back in a year

    • Leah Waig Leah Waig

      Hey, thanks for reading Knights-Errant; the comic’s unfortunately still on hiatus for the time being, but you can sign up through the “Let me know when this comic updates” box on the sidebar/main comic page to get notified when it starts updating again.

    • Muffy

      Nope, the artist has just been away due to other preoccupations. If I’m correct, the Sparkler Year 6 Kickstarter was successful, and Jenn is able to work on KE it now.

    • Leah Waig Leah Waig

      Thanks to the success of Sparkler’s Year 6 Kickstarter, Knights-Errant will be returning to the site and magazine soon. We’ll share on social media and in our newsletter when we have a more concrete date!

      You can also sign up through the “Let me know when this comic updates” box on the sidebar/main comic page to get email notifications when it starts updating on the site again.

  14. SmallSailor

    Honestly I’ve lost all hope. I saw a promising sketch or two last year on twitter but since then there hasnt been anything. Looking on there now shows Jenn’s been playing Sekiro and illustrated some scenes for a fanfiction(original work?) called Ritual bluff.
    Idk I was annoyed when last year there was no explanation as to why the series went on hold even after they’d recovered from their injuries and I had to dig through twitter for awhile b4 I pieced together that they were working on something else (possibly as a commission/freelance work). Then it was the wait to see if sparkler monthly would continue, which it will.
    But I’m just disheartened again. I think I’m just gonna give up on this one. Its disheartening going to Jenn’s Twitter to try and find out any info and just seeing tweets about another project they’re working on or tweets about playing dark souls and Sekiro now

    I’m out