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Comments (46)
  1. Hope

    Woah, we’re getting on a *real* first name basis here! So is Na’ilah gonna kill her/him now or does this mean she trusts them?

      • Han

        Actually, we have not yet gotten confirmation on what Oz identifies as, not even in the original version of this comic.

        Physically, Oz has a female body. What they identify as is up to them though.

        • Muffy

          I believe you are mistaking Wil as Os. Os is male.

          Wil is a woman who has had to take on a male identity in order to survive. Gender is likely something she’s willing to use as a means of survival when needed.

          • Arc

            Do we know that Os is trans male? I believe the only comment on Os is that they’re “like [Wil]” and have tits in Wil’s words.

            Whether or not they’re trans, or took up a male identity for safety/to enroll in the army is still up in the air unless I’m missing something.

            (I can’t reply to your later comment for some reason, but ‘since it apparently needs to be said’ comes off badly when this is a perfectly legitimate line of questioning in this comic. They have not stated their preferred pronouns, and unless the author has said so in this run of the comic (honestly as well, word of god or not, it should really be included in comic), it should be treated as an unknown.)

          • Lillian Diaz-Przybyl Lillian Diaz-Przybyl

            It hasn’t been addressed fully in the comic yet, but it will be soon (to the extent that the characters themselves have the language for it in this world…). But yes, Oz is a trans man.

  2. thatrandomfan

    How much will she reveal? Can Os be trusted? WESRDTYGYHJ Im so excited, this comic has quickly become one of the highlights of my week <3

  3. Tzñ

    Im kinda new here, and I wanted to know about the prequel about this story. Was it about Oz pov? Does anyone know about the name? Cant find it anywhere! PS I love this webcomic its story is rad

    • Lillian Diaz-Przybyl Lillian Diaz-Przybyl

      Hello, editor here! It was still called “Knights Errant,” but it has been taken down from the web by author request. It was still primarily Wil’s POV, but the balance of the story was quite different (so Kadeen sort of had more page time, and Anton & Beppe less). And more of Oz’s backstory had been elaborated on, right before it was rebooted. That will be coming up soon in this version. :-)

  4. erinselysion

    I looked through the comments and saw the news about the author’s injury :( best of wishes! By all means, put yourself first and rest up.

  5. Mireille

    Oz is a trans man and uses he/him pronouns; the author has previously stated that Wil uses they/them pronouns; and the author, Jennifer Doyle, uses they/them pronouns.

    • i am who i am

      Oh, I just saw the editors reply to the same question i asked. Get well soon Jenn, I hope it’s not something serious.

  6. Fyora

    I just read through this entire thing because I was reading on social media about someone summarizing the pitch for this as “gay” when they specifically meant to not say “gay.” And I just want them to know I’m here because of that.

    • Leah Waig Leah Waig

      Jenn is still dealing with some health issues, so no new pages yet, unfortunately. If you sign up through the “Let me know when this comic updates” box on the sidebar or the main comic page, you’ll get an email when Knights-Errant starts updating again.