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Comments (93)
  1. Endnekind

    I came here for a simple fantasy/thriller comic I found online. I was shocked to find transness in this comic.
    Shocked and happy.
    I’m trans myself* so to accidentally run into trans representation made me almost burst into tears.
    Thank you for making this story. Even if it takes a while to come back, or even if it doesn’t, what you’ve done so far has already touched my life in a great way.
    Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. <3
    *(Intersex, trans woman (she/her pronouns), aspiring drag king)

  2. amyko

    i still feel like he’s manipulating Wil/Na’Ilah. their current position seems quite uncomfortable and one-sided. Oz better make it up to them afterwards

  3. Lia Wilde

    Finally caught up! I haven’t read this comic since the springtime and finally had a chance to sit down and read from where I was up to. I’ve been following this webcomic from before it was rebooted and honestly it’s been so wonderful to see you grow as an artist, and to have the physical book (a proud owner of vol.1!) as a true testament to that. Love this work, this comic, these characters and can’t wait to see where this arc goes!

  4. Gatan

    I have been waiting literal years for the next chapter and just discovered now that the author is injuried… :(
    Get better soon, Jenn! Love your work!

  5. World’sCheeriestEmo

    Hey! I just finished reading what’s here of this comic, and I’ve read through the comment thread. I hope you recovered from your injuries okay!

    I really, really love your comic, and so I dearly hope you will find the motivation to continue it someday

    Please don’t forget about us!

  6. Jan Sarmiento

    the!! flavor!! of all of this!! didnt expect such a well executed story line,, and the visuals that come with this! love it love it love iiit