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Comments (25)
  1. S.M. Vidauri

    This chapter of KE has been a master class in building tension, and totally lives up to its status as a revenge thriller — it is so masterfully done!!!

  2. Zoe


    I LOOOVE when the lines become a little cleaner, a little more detailed, and theres that splash of color. it really makes it a defining moment. almost like you are there and how you remember imortant events more clearly. like time slows a bit

    UGH bruh this is so good

  3. kradeelav

    This whole chapter has been breathtaking but the sheer intensity on this page is a next level entirely. You make drawing body language into an honest-to-goodness art form.

    • screeching

      now imagining oswald grabbing wil’s hand and forcing it to his chest just screeching and then wil screeches back and now they’re just laying there screeching for the next 12 pages

  4. Artistic

    There both girls??? i was expecting this to be a bl, but that all changed once i found out about wil was female, but now both wil and oswald are girls?

  5. Lola

    I’m enjoying the story but I confess I’m getting lost here tracking the sex/gender of some characters …. So Will is a girl — and she seemed to be flirting with the dudes so apparently she was straight or maybe bi — and now Oswald is also a girl and there is sexual tension so Oswald is a girl either bi or gay and they will probably be hooking up so it’s girl x girl right? This is supposedly way before surgery assignment/hormones therapy so I’m guessing boobs meant you were born with it and came with pussy. So, there is a BL arc and also a GL ( although they both tomboys) arc …. cool.

    • sablewizard

      Hi there ~ Is this story amazing or what?! Well, if you look at the pages where Will is narrating, and thinking about themself, Will says they are ‘whatever they need to be as an instrument of their god’, so with that context it means they do not identify with any specific gender. Also the creator refers to Will as They/Them so I don’t think it would be accurate to think of Will as a ‘girl’ they appear to be Nonbinary. Oz is a person who identifies as a man with His/Him pronouns and was born with a female body. A persons physical attributes (body), Gender (how a person sees themself and identifies), & Sexual/Romantic Orientation (Who a person desires to be intimate with), those three things, they are all separate things, and one of them does not signify the other. For example, having a female body and being a girl, those are not synonymous with each other. As presented currently in this story Will is Nonbinary, and Oz is a Trans Man. I think the most accurate way to think of their connection is, ~ Queer ~ This a queer story (: