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    • skelian

      ive only been able to scarce from the older version of the comic what ive found from google images, but boyo is it helpful for context. and This went a lot more pleasantly then.

  1. Lianne Sentar Lianne Sentar

    Hey, all! Sparkler editor here. This next batch of pages are extra intense, so please remember the following:

    1.) If you read the original version of Knights-Errant or read ahead in the magazine, please do not spoil things in these comment sections.

    2.) If you need to read ahead in this section because MUST KNOW AAAAH! then you can read the end of Chap 5 (which is several pages ahead of this) in Sparkler Monthly Issue #053: https://sparklermonthly.com/shop/free-chapter-download/sparkler-monthly-issue-052-downloads/

    3.) In general, and as always, please keep things civil and respectful.

    Thank you!