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    • a

      on another note, can I just point out how their body language is eVERYTHING?? like Wilf is standing and Oswald is sitting, so theoretically Wilf is in the “superior” position, but Oswald is just leaning back and mansplaying so nonchalantly, you know the power’s in his hands right now.

  1. THIS shit

    i can’t believe that will but their life on the line to give them access into the city, the thing they needed to capture the margrave, and THIS is how they are treating them. fr??? how long were u camped out in the snow before wil came along?

  2. thatrandomfan

    I noticed earlier that the other patrons had seemed to disappear but I just kind of assumed they were out of frame
    Its really cool to see that attention to detail in a comic, the scene was set before Os popped the question