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Knights-Errant: Chapter 05, Page 201

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Comments (31)
  1. Nady

    I don’t know whose face is more terrifying: Wil’s, with their mask stripped away, or Os, who still pretends to have a facade of civility.

    • Azalee

      Afaik it’s been taken down, sadly but understandably :'( I seem to remember Doyle saying it would be archived somewhere again someday, but I might remember wrong…

      (It was the same setting but in a COMPLETELY different order and point of view, we’d had Oz’s entire backstory and were only starting to tackle Wil’s with near to zero previous hints… really fun to discover the world this way around this time :33 Still, we’re clearly gonna get that stuff again eventually, don’t worry.)

      • Mirta95

        Noooo, I really hoped I would have something to read until next chapter :(
        But is also nice to read the story without spoiler!
        Thank you!