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Comments (15)
    • Rena

      I’m hoping that he only put together that Wil is actually Na’ilah aka “that’s the girl you used to protect” and not that he SOMEHOW knows that they’re the king’s child (who knows what intel he has, though. Wil’s childhood home DID get attacked, so maybe the truth got out?)

      although…if he doesn’t know about the whole royalty thing, he could still end up trying to use Wil to like, psychologically torture the margrave, which would also be bad

  1. clock

    Ooooh fuck. I guess that’s it, that’s the breaking point.
    (Also, every time I come back to this comic, somebody’s being tortured. I guess this happens a lot.)

  2. Ma.Li

    i finally caught up and wow your art style / coloring style changes in a way that just fits with the mood of the story and just i don’t know how you do it but that is so cool. but also the poses and the faces are so great and all the background and then the snow and the fire and just the atmosphere of the comic and just
    looking forward to see how this story goes :D

    p/s: not the right page to ask this i guess but how did Olbrecht cut exactly 2 fingers off of Wilfrid like that? sword swings are very wide and with his strength her whole hand could have come right off! that had to be some high accuracy and some close dodge for that to happen! especially since Wilfrid was jumping him from the side so that had to be quite the leap too!

    also does that mean there is just 2 bloody fingers in the snow or did Wilfrid picked those up after the fight?

    • Azalee

      In the original comic, they’d been lost to frostbite, which makes it a lot less incongruous that it was just the last two and not the whole hand. Might just be a relic of that (“part of Wilf’s character design is that they’re missing 2 fingers”).