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Comments (19)
  1. Memi

    I think the art’s awesome, the story’s intriguing and the way Beppe settled things up just amazed me. Great work!!**

  2. animatorwannabe animatorwannabe

    Oh my goodness. I had a few favorites on here. But this is climbing between the lot of them. <3 Also, please be a guy, I wouldn't mind if you're a really masculine male. But, PLEEEEASE BE A GUY! pfft lol

  3. aroree

    I’ve been following this webcomic all the way back in the Original Knight Errant, and through Knight Errant Pavane, and now here. And Wil is just, always my favorite.

      • Lianne Sentar Lianne Sentar

        The old version is no longer online – this is now the only, definitive version. You’re not expected to know anything, ha ha! (It’s just fun when people remember the old version…)

      • Lillian Diaz-Przybyl Lillian Diaz-Przybyl

        Actually, the reboot is really meant to stand alone–you aren’t expected to know anything. And enough has changed from the old version that I think reading it actually may complicate things… Feel free to just enjoy it as it is!

  4. PandaViking

    Oh my, the art is really good, and i really like the flow of the story so far :D Adore the characters, and i can’t wait for the next chapter ^^

  5. B

    Oh, Wil, you handsome devil. I’ve followed you through several hosts and here we are. I can’t wait to see more of you.


  6. Bunny

    Finally FINALLY got caught up (I’ve followed this comic from the beginning!) and I am so thrilled!!! Between the always-spectacular art and Wil just being endlessly magnificent I’ve fallen in love all over again. :3

    I cannot WAIT until Oswald shows up again. <3 So excited!

  7. LakAttack

    I’m giggling smugly at some comments. It’s not really fair,but it’s fun seeing people who didn’t read the previous comic making theories. This rewriting makes it all so much more ~mysterious~

  8. Zeester

    Oh. My. GOSH!! I knew i recognized the name of this series and now after looking at the comics i remembered! I use to follow this comic like a stalker untill i lost my bookmarks! Oh seeing this now makes me want to go back and read the old version but i dont know where id find it or if it still exists ;^.^