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Comments (11)
  1. KAIJU

    Hello Everyone! The last page of “Inhabitant” was uploaded along with this preview today! Raziol’s story is just beginning and will continue in our new webcomic series, “Novae” on October 7th!


    We’d just like to say thank you so much everyone for sticking around and leaving your thoughtful, funny and insightful comments. We really enjoyed reading the reactions, theories, and witty banter in general! You guys have been the best readers and really gave us energy to keep going.

    “Novae” takes place 4 years after “Inhabitant” and will open a new and very different chapter of the story!

    We’d love to see you guys around! All of our social media sites are on the Novae website.

    Thanks so much! We hope you’ve enjoyed the story!

    。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚ °・

  2. S

    Thst was absolutely beautiful. I’ve strayed over here from your link from Novae and I’m committed to Raziol, this beautiful child. I wish you both luck and hope that I can continue here to the most thrilling end. Thank you!

  3. Wolfie

    I came here to read this from your website, and omg this was good! I cried cause raz cried and AAAA you never cease to amaze me! (I still like Sullivan more)

  4. Kellin

    oh my god!!! i’m a reader from webtoon (getting a sneak-peak at the next chapter) and i checked out this website and then i saw this!! i love it so much! i love getting more background and knowing more about Raziol’s father. the art is as pretty as ever, it adds a new depth to Raziol that helps me conect to him even better (even though i already love him in novae tons) and i basically just want to say thank you for producing such an awesome comic for so long, i’ve been reading for a long-time and somehow i never saw this. i wonder if i missed reading the author’s notes section if i was rushed or what but either way, im super glad to raed this. idk if you’ll get this but thank you so much, this comic has been one of the few positive consistants in my life as i discovered my gender-identity, find better people, get help with my issues, find a cumminite that makes me happy, and basically learning to except myself as i grow and change dispite family and religion issues i still kinda have. jeez, sorry for such a long comment but im really attached to this comic and it’s super duoer awesome and i hope that you feel crazy proud of it and are having fun (and making money, sorry im broke, youre on the top of my patreon list when i get my finances together)
    much love and have a lovely day.

  5. Ariana

    Oh! I just got caught up with novae so I checked this out, I didn’t expect it to be so short! It was so sweet though, I love your guys’ work! Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world

  6. Kelcey

    Honestly, this comic series is the light of my life. It’s so pure and magical. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much KaiJu