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Comments (13)
  1. Oscar Leigh

    This is so not what I was expectingm for some reason I thought this story involved literal inhabitants of another planet until about five pages ago. And now I’m crying ow.

  2. Tacto

    Raziol’s expression in the last panel is heartbreaking. The hand closing on the void, the emotions. This whole sequence in the bar is amazing..

  3. Kaylim

    A very nice, realistic ending to their relationship. It happens all the time irl, right? People want to follow their passions, dreams, or just the source of their income (like your company decides to relocate you to another country lol). Some couples are able to stay together, but it is difficult when one wants to go, and one wants to stay. I am glad they had that time together though! It was perfectly portrayed as a little oasis. But yeah Raz def needs someone who will join him in body AND mind.

  4. Old fan

    All these dislike comments Bevan is getting. I read this before Novae was even a thing so I much like Bevan, I think he is interesting character. I’d like to see him make re-appearance in Novae some day. But maybe, like, shortly.

    I do agree though that he did make shitty to Raziol. He knew the theater party would carry on and didn’t bother to mention to Raziol. At the same time though, what else can you really do in his position? I don’t think many would like to have a relationship with someone they know is going leave one day. And still no-one wants to be alone for their entire life.