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Heart of Gold: Chapter 06, Page 134

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Comments (16)
  1. Melanie

    I adore the colours and the atmosphere it creates. Every background is so beautiful and delicate and all of the pages are pieces of fine art. I love it! 👌

    • Viv

      We’re so happy you think so (sounds kind of wrong when it’s about the sinister tone, haha), we definitely want to convey that something is not quite right ;D

  2. Weronika

    Its so good!!! I read it today and ohboy the art is so beautiful the characters are awesome… I think that I actually needed something like this today… a hope that… He’s with us…

  3. Jun Orphancross

    I’m dying even more. They are just too cute!! And it ifts the tense mood so nicely. Damn…they are so cute!! T/// ^///T